No Drive Thru?

December 12, 2012 0Comments by What's New

Yes we don’t have a drive thru. After thinking about it are we happy we don’t? The answer is YES!!!! Why you ask. Well, we feel that coffee is more than caffeine and grabbing and GOing as fast as you possibly can…… Would we like to have the 1/2 mile long line around the building like that other place? Well of course but we prefer to have a slower paced atmosphere where people can come and have a business meeting, meet with friends and enjoy their time together or come unwind during the day or after a long day. Somewhere you’re also able to get work done if you need to. You can hop on our fast and reliable internet, for free, and get that email sent out to a customer or co-worker, scan, print or fax a document without having to run ALL the way back to the office (we have an all in one printer on site, no charges for scanning and local faxes). In addition we have a patio heater for the cooler months if you want to sit outside, a comfy couch inside, there is a large parking lot adjacent to us if you just need to get out and spend a few minutes relaxing instead of driving that RV, our patio is pet friendly (fido might enjoy a nice cappuccino or a cup of ice cream) and on occasion we also have live music. Bounce houses for the kids also make frequent appearances.